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After-School Activities

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Al-Bayan International School is proud to introduce our new and improved After-School Activities Program. The program supports Elementary and Middle School students by providing them opportunities to explore their interests through a range of after-school activities. 
Three program sessions are offered throughout the school year: A, B and C. You can register for one program at a time or alternatively you may wish to register in all three sessions at a discounted rate. 
All activities are detailed here in our After-School Activities Program Guide. Use this guide to view the activities we offer and help determine which activities your child might prefer. 
Art, Music, Drama, Sport, Fitness and Academics, we are confident that there is something for everyone. You can rest assured that your children will appreciate the activities we offer and that each is facilitated by our own professional and enthusiastic staff.
With so many options, your child may find it challenging to pick just one activity. BIS has eliminated this obstacle by giving children the freedom to choose which activities they want to be a part of each day. If you have a preferred activity for your child, simply indicate it on our registration form and we’ll do our best to encourage them to stick with it.  
We see the time students spend with us after school as a chance to have fun and try new things. Additionally, it is a time when students can build social skills and develop new friendships.  
When you’re ready, simply check the sessions you wish to register for and complete the registration information. Be sure to keep the calendar so you know exactly when we host After-School Activities. 
We are excited to welcome your children to join in the fun.