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Athletics & Activities Coordinator's Message

At BIS we understand that teaching and learning is paramount, at the same time, we appreciate that it doesn’t only happen in the classroom. There are many ways to learn and grow, which is why we provide a range of opportunities to encourage our school community to get involved. Be it through our After-School Activities Program or our Community Outreach events, we want students to appreciate life at school and see it as a place they choose to be, rather than a place they have to go. 
BIS is our school, that means everyone can share in developing how we meet each person's needs, abilities, interests and limitations. To ensure students, parents and teachers have a voice and can participate in shaping their school experience, we have developed our House Forums, Parent’s Diwania and Parent & Teacher Associations. These mechanisms allow all our school community to express their desires and give feedback toward shaping their BIS experience.  
We take the growth and development of these programs seriously with School Improvement Goals that aim to increase participation and get everyone involved. Our life and times at BIS will greatly depend on the willingness of each person in our community to participate and engage. Take a look at what we have to offer. Where you might not see something, or have an idea about how we can do something differently, get involved. Take ownership of student life and help continue to make BIS the place to be.