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Application Process

The following procedures have been adopted for prospective students for admissions to BIS:

  1. Admissions Application must be filled online through the BIS website or by visiting the BIS Admissions Office. The Admissions Office is located on the ground floor of the BIS Campus.You may use gate #1 to access the Admissions Office.
  1. Applications must be submitted along with all the required documents within the set registration period each school year. Applications that are submitted before or after the set period will not be accepted. Incomplete applications will also not be accepted.
  1. The following documents are required with the application:
    • A recent photograph of the student.
    • A copy of the student’s birth certificate
    • A copy of the student’s passport
    • A copy of the student’s civil ID (both front and back sides)
    • Copies of the last two annual report cards including the latest report for the current year (Not required from students applying to KG level).
    • For students applying to Grade 1 and above: Behavior / Attendance report from the student's current school. You can download this form here.
    • For Students applying to Grade 10 and above: Transcripts/Report cards from Grade 9 and up to the last grade attended in the previous school. 
    • For divorced/deceased parents, please attach the final legal custody/death certificate.  
  1. Applicants who meet the criteria for age, academic and behavior records will then be invited to take an entrance interview / evaluation.
  1. For inclusion program students  (in addition to the above):

    • A full educational / psychological report including the IQ Test results within 3 years validity.
    • An IEP (Individual Educational Plan) – if available.
  1. An application/evaluation fee to be paid after validating your application as follows:
  • 30/- KD (for students applying to the Regular program).  
  • 50/- KD (for students applying to the Inclusion program).
  1. If evaluation results are satisfactory and places are available, parents will be invited to register their children. Otherwise, applicants will remain on the waiting list until a place arises. 
  1. Registration is only complete once all the required documents are submitted, including health records, previous school transcripts, and a non-refundable/non-transferable deposit of KD100.