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Physical Education Program:

The Physical Education program at Al-Bayan International School establishes a foundation for competent and confident participation in a range of physical activities. Students enhance their physical literacy through developmentally appropriate lessons that firmly emphasize enjoyment and active participation.  
The KG program centers around fundamental movement skills. Students cover movement concepts from non-locomotor and locomotor skills, body and spatial awareness to object manipulation and coordination. The aim is to safely develop each student’s physical ability and confidence through fun games, dances and exercises. 
As students advance to elementary developmental games are a major utility. These games focus on exposing students to a collection of skills and strategies intended to support confident participation in a variety of sports and pastimes. Activities frequently support enhancement of social skills such as communication, trust and problem solving. Students also become aware of and understand the concepts of sportsmanship, etiquette and teamwork.    
The middle and high school PE program centers around three primary themes. In Physical Fitness, students explore principles for training and gather insight about their own personal fitness. Each assessments and exercise is designed to meet the individual needs of students with consideration to their personal abilities, interests and limitations. Traditional Games and Sports continue to be extensively utilized with choice provided to allow students opportunities to advance and specialize in those activities they are most keen to explore. In Health and Wellness, various domains of health are brought to light and the most pressing issues discussed including principles of nutrition, social and emotional wellbeing.       
The well-trained and experienced PE faculty are constantly striving to improve the curricular program at BIS. With our already excellent facilities ever improving, we look forward to providing the very best curricular and co-curricular opportunities for all our students.