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High School

High School Overview & Course Offerings:

Our High School program is managed by the Principal, Dr. Matt Letham, and the Assistant Principal, Mr. Robert Marto. The High School (grades 9-12) currently has two classes at each grade level; some of those classes have both a teacher and an educational assistant to ensure that students are maximizing their learning potential.
The high school program is designed to prepare students to attend universities or community colleges abroad and/or local universities.
The High School offers an American curriculum based on the AERO Standards, and is staffed with approximately 20 team members who represent a broad spectrum of nationalities. The majority of teachers are specialists in one or more areas.
Each teacher is dedicated to serving the individual educational needs of our students. Our staff works as a team and meets frequently in order to meet the needs of our diverse student body and to make continuous improvements to our instructional program.
Please review the BIS Course Selection Guide for courses being offered in SY 2023-2024. 
Click here to view the BIS Course Selection Guide.