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Parent and Student Handbook

This handbook contains the Al-Bayan International School policies and guidelines. It describes behavior expectations and the rights and responsibilities of students and staff.

At Al-Bayan International School we will:

  • Ensure that you receive the best possible education to prepare you for a career in Kuwait or abroad.
  • Understand and practice the nation’s values, and prepare you to become an active contributor to Kuwait and the global community.
  • Partner with your parents and other stakeholders to develop and advance your full intellectual, social, emotional and physical potential.

Rights and Responsibilities of the students

Every student has the right to It is every student's responsibility to
be educated to achieve his potential work to his/her potential
be educated in a controlled and structured academic environment create an opportunity for others to work without interference.
be proud of his/her achievements follow staff members’ instructions
be respected regardless of personal, religious or cultural differences respect the personal, religious and cultural beliefs and differences of others
voice his/her opinion in an appropriate manner listen and respect the opinions of others
be treated with fairness treat others in a fair and just manner
the security of his/her person and property uphold honest behavior and safety of the school property
be informed, when appropriate, about school decisions respect the decisions made by the school
work in a clean and litter free environment maintain a clean and litter free environment
ask for help and advice ask for help and advice at an appropriate time and manner
have school activities begin punctually be punctual in every part of their school life
participate in community life uphold the values of the school even when out of school uniform

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