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Art Program:

Kindergarten and Elementary School
The Kindergarten and Elementary Art program at Al-Bayan International School is designed to help students with understanding and discovering how different materials and mediums work. Our students use materials such as paint, watercolor, oil pastels, mixed textures, colored pencils, crayons and clay. Students learn how the mediums work to create different forms of art. 
They are also exposed to master artists, their various techniques and how they have impacted the development of art. Students at the KG & ES level receive introduction to Art and Design principles, and are encouraged to use them in all aspects of their work. 
At Al-Bayan International School, the Art Program allows students to develop their creativity and imagination. The students cannot wait to show you how colorful and creative they can be!
Middle and High School
The Art program at Al-Bayan International School is designed to spark creativity and imagination. Our students embrace and  explore new materials and mediums. They are encouraged to use Art and Design principles when making decisions in each project. We use mediums ranging from paint, charcoal, mixed papers, and we explore different types of Art including Photography, 3D Printing, and Pottery. 
Recently, we have introduced a section of Art History into our program. The Art history lesson spotlights local and international artists so students can become more familiar with Art History. This creates a connection with Artistic origins and how they may influence the works we see today. At Al-Bayan International School we insist our students explore new material so they can expand their horizons on materiality and creativity.