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Library & Media Center:

Our library motto at Al-Bayan International School is “Read, Dream, and Create”. We focus on maintaining a carefully selected collection of instructional and recreational materials, both print and non-print on all the subjects appropriate to variable abilities and interests of students. We provide guidance in the use of technology, resources and materials, and read aloud stories.
It is our goal to prepare students to:
a) Demonstrate the ability to locate information and materials in the library using common library practices such as Dewey Decimal System and the online catalog.
b) Effectively use resources when conducting research and choose materials that best meet their research needs.
c) Read for recreation as well as for learning at appropriate text complexity levels.
Developing lessons to teach library skills along with information skills during library classes is our tool to achieve our goals.  
In addition to providing students with information resources, the library provides students with makerspace activities to encourage creation and innovation. Makerspaces are next in the evolution of resources libraries provide to students. Makerspaces enhance the library program, increase students' engagement in interdisciplinary activities. We have a variety of hands on activities, some based on books we already have, and some are relevant to science, art, and engineering.
Our collection can be accessed by visiting Library link.