BIS Program

Al-Bayan International School (BIS) is a private, non-profit, KG-12 co-educational international school. BIS is dedicated to serving the individual needs of all children. We believe in a student-centered approach that is collaborative and keeps the student needs at the center of decision-making. Our school takes pride for its team approach to student learning and support.

Students benefit from an American curriculum program that is designed to best meet each student’s individual learning needs. BIS personalizes learning for students that meet the program needs by:

  • Adjusting the pace of learning for students
  • Learning objectives, approaches content and tools are tailored and optimized for the learner
  • Learning is driven by learner interests where applicable
  • Learners are given in choice in the learning process
  • Learning is often supported by technology

Our overall goal is to have our students attend colleges and universitiesboth in Kuwait and abroad.